Top 8 Kitchen Cabinet Designs for Your Home

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Interior designers use a variety of kitchen cabinet designs to create unique cooking spaces for their clients. Whether you want to breathe new life into an outdated kitchen or discover a fresh style for your new construction home, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, Houston’s custom cabinet makers from Holmes Cabinet Specialties share our favorite kitchen cabinet ideas for distinctive and aesthetically pleasing cabinetry.

Top 8 Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Your Home

Below, you’ll discover current trends and design ideas to transform your kitchen. Perhaps you’ll fall in love with one of these kitchen cabinet ideas or use aspects of many of these designs in creating your dream kitchen.

1.  Sleek Cabinets With No Hardware

If you prefer a sleek kitchen design, you may forgo cabinet hardware. Many modern kitchen cabinets feature push-open doors or doors with recessed handles for a smooth, uninterrupted cabinet look.

Some homeowners find hardware-free cabinets easier to use and clean, and designers may take advantage of this option to open up small kitchens.

Cabinets and drawers devoid of handles look great in modern, minimalist spaces with low clutter. However, if you want a more traditional kitchen cabinet design, handle-free cabinets may not be your best option.

2.  Bright and Bold Cabinet Colors

Choosing a bright paint color can bring more personality into your kitchen. Many homeowners opt for bold reds, blues, and greens to put their kitchens on center stage as statement pieces.

You may use a brave color choice for your kitchen cabinetry to bring interest to a large, open space or to create a bold focal point in your kitchen.

If you have a tiny kitchen, we recommend a smaller burst of color, such as only painting the cabinets on one wall or using another kitchen design element, such as the backsplash or furniture, to add color to the space. Too much bright and bold cabinetry in a modestly sized kitchen can dominate the room, making it seem more cramped.

3.  Dark Cabinet Colors

Homeowners who prefer more industrial kitchen cabinets may opt for darkly colored or black cabinets with a polished metal backsplash. Dark colors look great on many kitchen cabinet designs, from wood shaker cabinet and drawer designs to flat panel styles.

While white kitchen cabinets can make a room feel clinical, dark cabinets create a cozier feel that complements traditional and modern kitchens alike.

4.  Color Contrasts

If you want a white kitchen with pops of interest, we recommend glass front cabinets with contrasting interior paint colors. We’ve seen beautiful cabinet projects where the interior designer wanted to add a touch of drama to white cabinets and painted the interior of the cabinetry a contrasting color.

For example, you may opt for white cabinets with glass doors and dark gray or black interiors and a matching range hood to add interest to a stark white kitchen. White and black designs hold a timeless appeal that suits many modern kitchen cabinet ideas.

You may also utilize different colors in your kitchen by painting your base and wall cabinets in different colors. A dark color on the bottom with a lighter color above creates interesting designs. For example, you may stain your wall cabinets a natural wood color and paint your lower cabinets a sleek black.

5.  Tall Upper Cabinets

Expanding cabinets up to the ceiling takes advantage of all available vertical space and creates a more balanced appearance in a small kitchen. You may hesitate to use this cabinetry idea if you’re not six feet fall, but we’ve seen creative cabinetry designs that incorporate sliding ladders to make accessing high cabinets more convenient.

We love this tall cabinetry style because it makes use of what would otherwise be wasted space.

6.  Limited Upper Cabinets

Upper cabinets can block natural light, so you may eliminate them if you have ample space for bottom cabinets in your kitchen. Leaving even one windowed wall free of cabinets can create a brighter and more open kitchen.

If removing upper cabinets sacrifices too much storage space, consider building a kitchen island for added storage space that won’t interfere with natural light.

7.  Open Shelving

Kitchen cabinets aren’t your only storage. Open shelves can take advantage of vertical storage opportunities and break up a kitchen with new focal points. Open shelving complements a modern or traditional style.

You may opt for stained wood, bold paint colors, or even metal shelving for a more industrial feel.

8.  Curved Kitchen Island

If your kitchen has excess space, consider adding an island to create more lower cabinets and drawers. While many kitchen islands have sharp, geometric corners, you can opt for a smoother design with a curved island style.

Curved design elements have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. A curved island lends any kitchen a bit of personality while softening the overall feel of the room. You may finish your curved island design with rounded hardware to complete the look.

Choose Holmes Cabinet Specialties for Custom Kitchen Cabinets

We hope one of these kitchen cabinet ideas inspires you to create your dream kitchen.

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