How Much Do Custom Kitchen Cabinets Add to Home Value?

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Most homeowners who plan on renovating and selling their property in the future ask this question: “How much will custom cabinetry add to the value of my house?”

Whether you’re building a new kitchen or doing a remodel or an upgrade of an existing space, you can expect custom cabinets to boost the value of your property. Read on to learn what goes into the calculation and how to maximize your return on investment. 

What Are Custom Kitchen Cabinets?

Custom cabinets are built specifically for your preferences, budget, and kitchen specifications. All components — including cabinet doors, boxes, and drawer fronts — are designed from scratch. As long as the space permits, you can modify the design and layout however you like and add any modern finish and hardware you want. 

Why Get Custom Cabinets?

Many homes, especially if they are older or have non-standard dimensions, can’t accommodate prefabricated cabinetry. 

One way to get around this is to use spacers or filler strips to fill any gaps. While these fixes can be relatively quick and cheap, they aren’t particularly elegant and won’t increase your home’s value by much.

This is where custom cabinetry comes in. Custom cabinets can fit the unique style and dimensions of any room perfectly and boost the value of your property.

How Much Do Custom Cabinets Add to the Value of Your Home?

Custom cabinets cost more upfront but save money and have a higher ROI in the long term. Properly fitted, high-quality custom cabinetry will serve you for many years and pay for itself over time. You won’t need to replace the units every few years, which is often the case with cheaper alternatives. 

What’s more, custom cabinets can increase the market value of your home if you sell it later. Most potential buyers list the kitchen in their top three most important spaces. A modern, updated kitchen with high-end cabinets, new appliances, and other thoughtful upgrades can help your home stand out to prospective buyers and sell faster for more money. 

Don’t take our word for it: The numbers speak for themselves. According to the 2022 Cost vs. Value Report by Remodeling Magazine, the return on investment for a kitchen renovation in Houston, TX, is as follows:

Minor Remodel

  • Job cost: $26,948
  • Resale value: $19,938
  • Cost recouped: 74.0%

Major Remodel

  • Job cost: $77,319
  • Resale value: $42,623
  • Cost recouped: 55.1%

Major Remodel (Upscale)

  • Job cost: $158,622
  • Resale value: $75,166
  • Cost recouped: 47.4%

Of course, these are averages. Your exact ROI will depend on the price of your custom cabinets, any other kitchen upgrade jobs and new appliances, your home’s location, the real estate market, and whether the remodel is tax-deductible.

How Much Does Custom Cabinetry Cost?

The costs will depend on several factors, including:

Number and Size of Cabinets

The more numerous and bigger the units, the more expensive they are. The size and number of cabinets usually depend on your budget, the dimensions of the space, and your preferences. 

For instance, if you don’t spend much time in the kitchen or like open spaces, you may opt for fewer and smaller cabinets. If you need more kitchen storage or larger functional surfaces like shelves or countertops, you might opt for taller cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling.

Materials, Finishes, and Hardware

Premium materials cost more upfront but are typically more durable and pay for themselves over time. Hardwood, for example, is more expensive than engineered wood, but solid wood cabinets have a longer functional life. Likewise, high-end finishes and hardware are more resistant to chipping, cracking, and peeling. 

Open Shelves vs. Drawers

Open shelves are usually cheaper than drawers or closed cabinets of the same material and require fewer handles, knobs, pulls, and other hardware.

Cabinet Quality Matters

Custom cabinets won’t automatically upgrade the value of your home. Functionality, beautiful design, high-quality materials, and correct installation are must-haves if you want to see a good return on your investment. 

In large part, the quality of the cabinetry will depend on your remodeling partner. Not just any contractor will do, as not all specialize in kitchen projects and custom cabinetry in particular. 

At Holmes Cabinet Specialties, we exclusively build custom cabinets. We don’t offer cabinet refinishing services and don’t install prefabricated cabinets. Unlike other contractors in the area, we only use premium woods and high-end finishes and hardware that not only look fantastic but withstand the test of time. This allows us to offer a one-year warranty on all our work. 

We also carry a wider range of design options so you can choose the style that fits your home best. Whatever style you go with, you can expect the same high standard of quality and functionality. Soft-close drawers and doors are a standard for us, not an add-on.

Our team puts as much effort into providing a top-notch customer experience as building high-quality custom cabinets. We are always on time, respect your space, and work with minimal disruption to your daily routine. We will send you regular project updates and photos. Upon completion, we’ll clean up the site so you and your family can start using and enjoying your kitchen right away.

Build the Kitchen of Your Dreams and Boost Your Home’s Value

Do custom cabinets increase home resale prices? At Holmes Cabinet Specialties, we get this question from homeowners all the time. 

While we can’t offer a clear-cut answer — the ROI of custom cabinetry depends on many factors — high-quality custom cabinets will likely increase the value of your property and are better for your budget over time.

To learn more about the ROI of custom cabinetry, explore potential cabinet styles for your kitchen, and get a free estimate, call (409) 543-2706 or fill out our contact form. We serve all of Houston, Beaumont, and the surrounding areas. Whether you need help with a modern kitchen remodel or a new build, we can provide expert assistance.

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